World Symposium

World Symposium

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On 27 September 2017, the United States National Committee of the IECEx (USNC/IECEx) is hosting a full day World Symposium at the Capital Hilton Hotel, Washington, D.C. (USA).

 During this World Symposium titled, “IECEx, A Capital Idea”, attendees will hear from experts on the differences between, and relative uses of, HazLoc equipment and services in accordance with the IECEx System as compared to HazLoc equipment and services in accordance with U.S. codes, standards and regulations. In addition to individual presentations by experts representing manufacturing, certification, users, inspectors and regulatory authorities, preceded by an overview of the IECEx System, there will also be an extended question & answer segment at the end involving all experts. This format is intended to provide all attendees an opportunity to benefit from this broad assembly of technical knowledge and experiences.

UPDATE: The U.S. National Committee for the IECEx has teamed up with International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI) to offer Continuing Education Certificates (CEUs) to industry professionals attending the 2017 IECEx World Symposium.  Since rules for continuing professional development vary across countries (and even across local or organizational levels within the same country), each professional engineer that is attending will need to determine the acceptability of these CEU credits for themselves.

Symposium Registration

For registration and information contact NEMA at        

For ExMC and ExTAG delegates to register for the 2017 IECEx World Symposium, also see the Meeting Registration tab above. There are no charges for the World Symposium for endorsed IECEx delegates.                                                                                                   

The program for this event is detailed below. 

  Download the IECEx Program

IECEx Program 340x250

IECEx World Symposium – “IECEx, A Capital Idea”: Washington, D.C. (USA)

Meeting Schedule: 27 September 2017


IECEx / NEC Perspective

Expert Presenter

(0900 – 0910) Greeting

USNC/IECEx Chair, Mr. Evans Massey

(0910 – 0950)

IECEx overview

IECEx Chair, Dr. Thorsten Arnhold

(1000 – 1020)

Manufacturer experience

 Baker Hughes, a GE Company, Ms Tonya Woods 

(1020 – 1040)



(1040 – 1100)

Certifier experience

UL LLC, Mr. Paul Kelly

(1110 – 1130)

User experience

DuPont Engineering Technology, Mr. Richard Holub

 (1140 – 1200)

Electrical inspector experience

IAEI, Mr. Joseph Wages

(1200 – 1300)



(1300 – 1320)

On-shore regulator experience

OSHA, Mr. Kevin Robinson

(1330 – 1350)

Mining regulator / certifier experience

MSHA, Mr. Robert Holubeck

(1400 – 1420)

Off-shore experience

Intertek Consulting, Mr. Mark Temple 

(1420 – 1440)



(1450 – 1650)

Panel Q&A

All expert presenters

(1650 – 1700)


USNC/IECEx Chair, Mr. Evans Massey

 Symposium Registration

For registration and information contact NEMA at 

Note: Included in the symposium registration is a continental breakfast, buffet lunch and morning/afternoon refreshments.